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Qualify More Sales Leads - Get The Guide

We could all do with some help every so often. If you're in a customer facing, sales or revenue generation role you'll know how important it is to deliver results.  So you need to manage your time effectively. Stop wasting time on low value tasks and start investing more time into higher value tasks, such as building relationships, negotiating deals and planning your growth strategy. One time consuming task that sales professionals repeatedly highlight as necessary but labour intensive is Lead Qualification.  In bound leads show that your business is on the map and your product or service is of sufficient interest to a potential customer for them to reach out to you. That's a high quality prospect, but not...

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10 Free Ways To Ramp Up Sales

All companies need sales. Some need lots of small customers, some need a few large deals. And sales processes vary considerably from sector to sector, country to country and by size of company. Here's a list of 10 ways you can ramp up sales, that won't cost you a penny: 1. Go see you customers Spend time with your customers, not just the largest or the best payers. Meet the challenging customers too. Listen and learn - what challenges do they have, how does your product or service help. Would they refer your product to other customers? Are they able to buy more from you? How can you look after them to prevent them from switching to a competitor? Offer...

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