Getting Set up

This is a continuation of "Getting Started" please make sure you have viewed that tutorial first.

Once you have downloaded Jeffrey, you can sign in using the details you entered under the ‘Create Username’ page.


Next, you need to insert the licence key that was emailed to you. This will activate your account and give you an expiry date.

After logging in, you will be presented with a new user welcome message. Clicking 'Get Started' takes you to the settings page which when completed will enable you to use Jeffrey.

Fill in the details listed. Make sure to insert the Office 365 account into the AI fields. If you do not have an Office 365 account, you can get one from the subscriptions page on the website. If you only have one person to notify, you can leave the same info in both Sales Manager and Sales Person. The system will recognize the email so you wont be emailed twice.


On the right, you have 2 sliders. If you’re a pro member, you can select if you want your AI to reply to non-leads. The second slider allows your AI to email you when it finds a response it cannot reply too.