Making a campaign

How to make a campaign


When you log into JeffreyAI you will need to head to the Campaigns tab from the navigation bar on the left. Once here you will see a screen like below.

First, you will need to come up with a name for your campaign and enter it in the box shown.

Then, head over to the middle table, the ‘Mail ID’ column is to be used for an identifying number for each email, this can only been seen from your side.

The ‘Subject’ section is to for the subject of the email so make sure that you use something catchy here.

The ‘Mail Text’ section should be filled with the main body of text. If you find that the section in the column below is too small you can head over to the right of the page and press the ‘Edit Mail’ box, this will provide you with a pop up bigger window to allow you to write the email.

Then, move over to the ‘Days from last email’ section, you should use this to decide how many days you would like in between each email being sent out.

The ‘Description’ only needs to be used for the user of Jeffrey, this will not be shown to the leads but is a brief description of what is in each email.

Once you have completed the above steps, repeat in each row until you have entered all of the emails that you would like in your campaign. Once finished, you can begin to put your leads on these campaigns.