Training Your AI

To get your AI started, you need to start training it with responses. First login to Jeffrey and head over to the AI tab.


Now you can click on the empty row and hit Edit reply. You will see the text editor appear on the right-hand side. The small button in the top right allows this window to pop out.

In the top in the top boxed labelled Received Text, you should type a phrase that you want your AI to respond to. The large box underneath you can structure your email reply using the text editor tools.


After closing the Editor, can change the settings of the reply. Such as, is the reply; active ore inactive, part of a campaign or a generic reply, can it qualify the lead or deactivate the lead.

you can also train the AI from the MailBox. when you find an Email that you want your AI to respond to, you can use the train button to add the mail to your AI Tab. From here you can edit the entry like normal. the train button can be found below.